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Clifton Park, NY home expo

Clifton Park, NY home expo

Where do I start? please be aware that I am no english teacher so if my commas aren’t where they are suppose to be so be it. This year is going to be BlackDiamondDesign Landscaping’s best year yet. we already have several patios lined up that we are excited about. I want to say that we are also very proud to announce that we will be attending and displaying a beautiful outdoor living space at the Sportsplex of halfmoon, located in Clifton Park, NY 12065. We are hoping for a great turn out. Supposedly, the home show generates around 100,000 people in the three days we will be there so we are overly excited. This is our first blog and wanted to let people know that we are hoping we can do more during the season to help people with tips during the landscape season. we can’t wait for the season to start and to show people and our customers why BlackDiamondDesign landscaping is the best company for you to choose. 

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tip of the month (October)

October is a great time to aerate your lawn/Over-seed. You can also look into Slit seeding your property as well. Both give you great growth for old existing lawn that hasn’t been touched in quite some time. Continue to plant any shrubs or trees as you please for you zone.

Job of the month

(Featuring: Falco Project, Niskayuna, New York)



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