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Snow Maintenance

Snow Maintenance

Why choose Black Diamond Design Landscaping for your snow removal?

Whether you have a single site, multiple locations or a large complex we assure your property is clean, safe and accessible throughout the winter season. We understand the need to be cost effective for our customers while maintaining quality.  We do this by using the latest equipment and techniques to keep cost down and your property clean. ( Check out our videos to see us in Action) (Video Coming SOON!!!)

De-icing:  The safety of our clients is our primary importance. This not only includes physically but also liability wise. Hence we use the right product and the correct application to meet your de-icing  needs. Whether you require rock salt or a high visibility concrete safe ice melt we have you covered.

Snow stacking and hauling: Don’t lose property to poor placement of snow or have blind spots. Let our experts stack the snow in the right spots. For those season of heavy snow fall or lots that need to be impeccable we offer off site hauling.

tip of the month (April)

  • Yellow/dead grass (snow mold): Take a rake to these areas to loosen up the soil and expose the healthy grass underneath. …
  • Garden beds: If you haven’t already cut back your hostas/grasses, etc., now is the time! …
  • Once basic maintenance has been done on the beds, it’s time for fresh mulch!


Job of the month

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