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Techo-Bloc is our #1 leading manufacturers for paving stone, retaining wall systems and masonry stone.

Techo-Bloc realizes that everything starts with their product. Which is why they strive to manufacture the very best stone they can.

They do, however, employ strict controls and procedures to create the finest quality pavers, retaining wall stones and slabs available in the industry. Techo-Bloc’s advances, such as its patented Tumble Master process, have set new industry standards for aged products. This process lends an aged appearance to pavers and curbstones while eliminating breakage and cement slurry at the same time.

They understand that manufacturing the best stone isn’t enough. To ensure continuous growth, Techo-Blocs research and development group is constantly envisioning and creating new stones and new applications, all while pushing the industry forward along the way.

In a little more than ten years, Techo-Bloc has developed and patented more than a dozen products.

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Tend to your grass. This may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s actually quite a bit of science that goes into a well-maintained lawn. Taller lawns need less watering and fertilizing, so many landscaping companies including ourselves recommend setting your mower at about three inches. Water your lawn evenly and deeply two or three times a week instead of every day – this will encourage a healthier root system.


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