Landscape Lighting Clifton Park, NY 12065

We started this project in the spring of 2022, as I rolled up to this house during my consultation, mind you I do all my consultations for landscape lighting at night just to see what I’am working with since we are lighting up the outside. The existing landscape lighting they had from another contractor was not showing off this beautiful house and property. When considering landscape lighting we love to keep “security” in mind for all our clients. Security is a huge factor when planning out your landscape lighting. We even give our clients a free demonstration before the sale just to show them what we can do. We love to bounce your eyes from one accented object to the next whether that’s walking down your nice walkway and placing path lights on each side or even accenting boulder rocks, flowering shrubs and small trees with risers. The first thing we always consider is the front entrance of the home. That should be the first thing you are looking at when lighting up your house it’s the first thing people see when pulling into your driveway. After my first walkthrough with the client and hearing there wants and needs, I then come up with a plan of attack. Do they have a two story house? do they have multiple peaks? all of that is planned into the design. For this two story house we ran wire along the sides of the siding all the way up to the peaks of the home and attached brackets to give the client a different look than the other contractors before. For this demonstration and after 50 lighting fixtures installed consisted of path lights, spot lights, moon lights for the trees around the property, some well lights, the clients first reaction was “wow I want all of this.” the moral of this story is to be different then your competitors and to just have fun while treating each client with the respect they deserve. After landing this project in Clifton Park, NY, we began to install the following week. The client already trusted us because of the demonstration so they already knew what their house was going to look like. Happy client, happy contractor. This project was around 20 thousand dollars and the team was out in a day. see you on the next blog!